Ramadhan Day 18 | 2016

    Weekend is coming, yeay! There's a week left till the holiday. Like always go to the class. You know what, my battery was 5% when I'm in the class and I need to switch to Ultimate Power Saving Mode just incase I have to contact with people and vice versa, but, its basically pointless. My phone turned to greyscale. It seems like its not functional enough and the only application I have are the contact, internet and message. I always use Whatsapp to text people, but, oh well. We have one hour gap before the next class and I am bored.
    I reached room and sort myself out and I decided to take a nap. Woke up and do some of the homework I have, since I have a list of them. Few hours later, went to the café with my friend untill it's time to break fast. I had the usuals. It was delicious, obviously.
    I do another homework and an hour later I found myself watching a movie. This particular movie that I've watch terrifies me. Like seriously. I have made a coffee for Suhoor and I am set. See you all tomorrow.
A x

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