Ramadhan Day 16 | 2016

    Today is another Tuesday. I get a bit excited as I finish class by 3 p.m. That means I have a spare time in the evening. Two morning classes always exciting, as I manage not to fall asleep in the first class. The second class is alright, I be able to focus very well.
    After the evening class today, my group assignment has to stay untill 4 p.m because we need to discuss our weekly assignment: the mock trading. I personally know nothing about this trading thing. How it works, when to buy, when to sell. I completely blank. Luckily, some of our group members are familiar with it. As this is going to be our assignment every week, I'm sure I will learn and be familiar with it week by week.
    I just read a subject that I will have class for tomorrow, prepare for it. I don't feel like doing anything besides than watch something. Then I decided to watch The Brother Bear 2. I watched Brother Bear and I don't think I have watched the second one before. I give it a go and I manage to finish it. I am enjoying it and I think its pretty sweet story. Always a good time to watch a movie. Do what I always do like every other night, preparing everything for tomorrow.

* This blog is going to be live a little late as I'm completely shattered last night. Sorry.

Trying the new shawl. 

A x

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