Ramadhan Day 14 | 2016

    I have a class at 10 a.m and it got cancelled so I need to go all the way back to my room. Its alright as I get something done. The plan is to edit my slide for the presentation, then I get carried away by watching movies, Mohabbatein. I like to see the surrounding of that film.
    At 2 p.m, I have evening class. Luckily, the class is very relaxing or else I just cannot bear with it. On the way back, I bought some food and cendol back to the room. My tummy is in so much pain.
    Tonight is about getting some homework done and I manage to do some of it. Then I  prepare everything for tomorrow as I cannot be bothered to do them in the morning and I am set. See you tomorrow!

A x

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