Ramadhan Day 12 | 2016

    I just woken up from my nap. I did some work earlier this morning: I do my laundry, homework and read the Quran. It feels so good when you can actually plan your day ahead and have a spare time to do anything.
    Mostly my homework are finished. I have to tackle the power point for my presentation, a bit hard. Then as usual I go to the cafè to break fast with the friends. I had nasi lemak, which is delicious and for drink I had some honeydew drink.
    Then, the plan is to read the notes and I am not in the mood to read, but, I did it anyway. As I realised, I fell asleep during my reading. I suddenly feel shattered and I look at myself in the mirror and my eyes are red. I decided that I'm going to bed early tonight and it was at 10:30 something.

A x

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