Ramadhan Day 10 | 2016

    Hi people who read this. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it mean  the world to me.
    Its 10th of Ramadhan already. Today is quite a relaxing day. I missed my Suhoor and I wake up a little bit late. Perform my Subh prayer and then go to the toilet. The one thing I pretty much like to avoid is take turn to take a shower. I believe that is normal when you living in a college, but, I am not enjoying that, at all.
    I have two classes and one of the class was quite intense. I literally blank to what the lecturer said as I have no idea what the subject is all about, even the basic one. I need a serious reading time. Do my laundry and sorted things that need to be printed. Then I had a nap, normal.
    As I have to do a presentation regarding to Back To The Future, I had to watch the movie to see what is my favourite scene and why and all that kind of stuff. Something I enjoy doing.     
    I read one page of the Quran which is always good. Later, I did some reading for the subject I will be having tomorrow. Study tips: I recommend  pre-read, so that you get the idea what the lecturer talking about in the class. Random thought, it feels good to tick something off from the to-do list.

From the morning class today.


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