The Ideal Brunch

What I understand from the word brunch it's a meal that people have in between breakfast and lunch time. I am sure all of you have heard the word brunch literally everywhere and I'm pretty sure that is what most girls and ladies are obsessed with. Brunch is like everything. I never have a proper brunch before but, it sounds like something fun to have on a weekend and just relax a bit. This is what I'll do to have the ideal brunch.

The menu for the brunch has to be something that is easy to make and something that is appropriate for breakfast and lunch. I know pancake is more to a breakfast food, but I guess that's what people always go for. For the topping, I like to go for the classic: a drizzle of honey and butter. Here in Malaysia we are all about the hand-tossed flatbread or we call it  roti canai here. You can never go wrong with them and just have them with the curry dip or you can just eat it on its own! Carrot cake for the dessert sounds good rather than a common flavoured cake and just by the smell is enough to catch my heart. The beverages I like to have some coffee obviously, that's a must. You have to start the day right by taking your coffee right? The other option would be any type of chocolatey drink, I am obsessed with anything chocolate.

As for decorations, I'm going to go with something simple and clean and look like I have done nothing (that sounds a little lazy). I want the surroundings to be fuss free and pleasant enough to enjoy the meal. To jazz up the brunch a little bit, I like to have the music on, it will be less boring and less awkward shall I say. Put on some of the good tunes and I imagine it will be so much fun, yet, very simple indeed.

Obviously, I want to have somebody around to have brunch with. As I really never have a brunch before, I want to make it a little special for the invitations. I don't want to do a lame invitations through Whatsapp or text messages. I want to do something a bit different by do a proper invitations through card invitations, going ol' school here. Paperless Post does card invitations and online invitations. They are just beautiful and exclusive looking. You can customize your own too and show your personality through it! I personally think I will be flattered to be received such a beautiful and special invitations. Online invitations sounds good too as people nowadays are most likely to spend their time on their phone. It's basically your life made easy.

There you go some ideas on how to have the ideal brunch. I like it to be simple and actually enjoying the brunch and have a great time. Plus with the beautiful invitations, how can people resist to come? ;)

* In collaboration with Paperless Post

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