Something You Might Like #6

Hello for another weekend post. My week has been a bit crazy. Its that my exam result will beout! I cannot stop thinking about it untill the result came out and it turned out to be okay and I'm happy about it. Enough with that, let's go right in.

1. Teach girls bravery, not perfection by Reshma Saujani.
I have recently install Ted on my phone and as I go through some of the videos this one video caught my eyes because I thought the title is interesting. Let me tell you, the content is even more interesting. I couldn't agree more about the girls are always related with being perfect but not being brave to do something. Boys are teach and treat to be brave and that makes them to be more creative than girls. This is because they dare enough to try something out without any care whatsoever that it's going to turn out to be perfect. While girls, stick to something that they comfortable in and still trying to strive for perfection. That is what a girl always go after is to look perfect. I'm not going to give everything away. Go check the video out, worth listen to.
I only have one thing to talk about this week. I obviously trying to share something that I really enjoy and find them somehow interesting for you all. See you all soon.

A x

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