Peach and Blue

This is the outfit from the last weekend. A very laid back outfit I supposed. I basically just put on whatever I brought with me and suprisingly it looks alright. I am still bad at taking outfit photos and that is why I did not insert my face. I pair a navy-blue ribbed shirt with the loose black pants. The peach chiffon shawl that I did not expect that I would wear a lot of. Apparently, it goes with everything (More with the shawl soon).

*The shawl just slipped off my shoulder.

The bag is like my go-to-travel bag as I can put all my essentials in it. I would say if its heavy, it wouldn't bother me as much as the sling bag.

Shoes is the leopard flats. As it's easy to just slip them on. 

T-shirt - ti:zed
Pants- (vintage)
Shawl- (random store in KL)
Shoes- Brands Outlet
Bag- River Island

That's it. See you all soon!

A x

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