My Most Worn Shawl

Shawls are very important to me. When it comes to buying them I am a bit picky as I'm looking for something that suit me well and I feel good when wearing them. My perfect shawl must be ironless, long or wide enough, suit with multiple outfits and easy to wear. I have listed my top 5 that I have been wearing a lot at the moment. 

The plain black one is glaringly my most worn, let's be real. This one I cannot just let it be out of my sight. Its my go-to and it goes with everything. Its also very lightweight. What more could you need in a shawl, right? [*Random store in KL]

This patterned shawl is an old one. I bought it four years ago and I kept wearing them since the first day I got it. Then I stop wearing it for years. I basically have a love-hate relationship with this shawl. Right now it has become one of my favourite since I'm pretty much avoiding myself from wearing black shawl (up there) a lot. I know it sounds weird that this can be substituted to the plain black one, but it is.[Online]

This peachy-nude shawl has made it appearance multiple times in the blog. You know its one of my favourites. It has all the things I want in a shawl. It compliments my skin as well, that's always a plus. [*Random store in KL]

This crumple scarf is so-so. Sometimes it makes me look good, sometimes it makes me look a bit of a mess. You don't need to do any type of style with this just do a simple one, trust me. Its quite short and crumple and that is why it's hard to style it. [Hijabiza]

This wide grid cotton shawl in brown is pretty huge, by huge I mean wide. Styling it is a bit hard as it can make you look like you have been gobble up by the scarf. I have been trying to style it and still in the process. The point is to make it looks nicely put together on me. Tutorial soon. [ *online]

As you can tell, my choice of shawls are very simple and plain. Well just one patterned. The most importantly the shawl has to cover what need to be covered. If not then, what's the point really. Let me know which shawl you prefer most, patterned or plain one?

A x

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