How To Have A Happy Birthday

This is suppose to be lived on Saturday, 30th of April a.k.a my birthday. I am truly sorry for a long overdue blog post, I have been a bit busy and I am shattered from the trip to the hometown for the weekend. Moving along, I cannot believe I am 19 already! Its just crazy. One year left before I enter my 20s.
When it comes to birthday post, I am not sure what I suppose to talk about, but, I've got an idea. This is some tips on HOW TO HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! READY? LET'S GO!

1. Have a late night or early morning. This is the right time to actually have the time by yourself. You can do everything you want. Watch your favourite tv series, exercise, read some books or just basically anything that you enjoy doing. Obviously the thing you do is appropriate with the time and place, you dont want to do exercise at like 2 in the morning, but hey its your birthday you can do whatever you like. Duhh!

2. Be fancy.
Wear your favourite piece of clothing or your favourite pair of shoes. Just anything that is your favourite and rock it. Put on some makeup. You can do winged eyeliner or put some bright eyeshadow on. Anything you fancy wearing that day or anything comfortable.

3. Eat anything you like.
If you in the middle of eating healthily, why don't you just take a break for a day. I think its worth it. Don't have to care what you eating and just demolish all your favourite food. Once in a while, its fine.

4. No high expectation.
Do not put any high expectation on anything. Just enjoy the day to the fullest. If you expect too much you will ended up not enjoying it as you supposed to because you keep wanting more and more from what you already have. Whatever happens, happens.

5. Be grateful with everything.
On your birthday, you want to be happy. In order to be happy, you need to be grateful for everything that is in your life. For instance, having a quality time with your family or friends is something to be grateful for. The people that always be there for you. Remember, that not everyone get to celebrate with their loved ones.

On top of that, enjoy the day and don't care about people for a while. It's your day, focus on yourself (that sounds selfish, but it's not). The most important thing is, do what makes you happy. I hope you all enjoy reading this blog post and find it useful in a way. Do share some one of your best birthday ever.
I will talk to you all soon.
A x

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