Fitness Update #1

Hello people! I want to share with you about my fitness update and what I've been doing to achieve that healthier body. I haven't done any exercises in like four to five months and that is how long I have been in college. I just don't have any motivation to do any exercise when I'm in college. It just takes so much effort. Since I'm currently at home for the semester break, I think this is the perfect time to start exercising again.
1. Four times a week.
I do my exercise every week. Currently, I do four times a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I take a break on Wednesday and on the weekend. I think its good as I don't take a break more than 3 days and if it was more than 3 days let me just tell you it's the HARDEST to get you back on the track. Taking a break is important as you want to recover from any pain that you might have.
2. Eat what I want.
I still take every important meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper(I don't think its important but I take sometimes). I also eat normal types of food. I don't find skipping any meal will help you to loss weight in any way. I basically eat what I want and obviously do my exercise consistently at the same time. Eat what you want but have control in yourself.
3. Arms exercise.
I always find myself focus only on the lower part of the body, but I now realised how important the top part too. I have been working on the arms. You just have to move your arms vigorously many times. You don't want to have a triangle shape body right? Upside down triangle?
4. Time Period.
I usually do my exercise in 30 minute period of time, but now, I am trying to challenge myself a bit more and do for one hour. Its hard but you know you just have to push yourself and keep going. I take a 5 minute break everynow and then because I'm a human.
My body has definitely look a bit toned up and look better in shape. All my clothes fit a bit better now which I'm happy about. I have never felt so ready and keen to do exercise before. Just noticing a bit of changes here and there that make me want to do it more and more. I have been feeling unmotivated lately and I find by doing exercise helps bring my mood back. It's definitely worth your time.
Will update you all in the near future and what inspires you to start doing your exercise? Let me know!
A x

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