Something You Might Like #4

I am bored of my life right now. I do not know what to do. So the other day I go on Youtube try to find a video that is interesting to watch, shall we say. Then there's video that instantly caught my eyes. The video is from Refinery29 Youtube channel and the video happened to be in a series. This series called Try Living with Lucie. This series have a particular challenge within 5 days either with no cell phone or being alone and more fun stuff you could ever imagine. I like how Lucie herself shows how hard it really is going through some of the challenges in real life. She also gives some personal insight about it and some pros and cons. I thought it would be entertaining to watch and would recommend to any of you who like something that is fun and new you can learn from. Definitely will give some of them a try. I'm looking forward for the new one of this series in the near future. Click here to watch. What is your favourite video from Youtube at the moment? 

A x

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