Letter To My 16-year-old Self

    Hello to my 16 year-old-self. You were a girl full with anxiety. You afraid of everything and basically a girl with lack of confidence. Don't be afraid with people around you. You do you. You learn something from it which is good. Never ever give up even when you at your lowest. You learn something from it, take it as a lesson. You were very strong to endure everything that comes in your way. Try your best to be the best of you, not because of others. The guilty pleasure that you spend watching Youtube videos is somehow good for you. It improves your speaking skills and do what makes you happy. It really helps you into becoming a better version of you.

    Talking about style, that black cardigan you used to wear a lot is okay back then and also that ombre square scarf or bawal we call it here was a hit that time. Luckily you put that thing away, you used to wear them a lot. Stop buying crap it wouldn't look good on you and not all things would suit you. Think deeply when you purchase something. Not because they are in trend. To be real, trend does not last long. The phone you were using that time possibly the best phone ever. The Samsung S3 Mini, thousands of history with that phone. 

           The Ombre Square-scarf. Told ya.

    One thing that I glad you did was when you decided to start blogging properly and here I am still blogging. I was a bit dubious to be blogging back then because I thought that people would not read them and let's face it how godforsaken my grammar was back then or still is. Nevertheless, thank you for your interest into sharing your favourite bits in a blog. I made it until this day. I would say having a blog has just change my life completely: the way I think, mainly. Without the intention at the first place, I wouldn't have made it until this day of my life.

Some of my early blog posts:
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I did it again.

That is it the letter to my 16-year-old self. These are some of the important highlights. If you have a letter to your 16 year old self, share them with me in the comment section below. I would love to read them. 

A x

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