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These photos were taken two weeks ago and its supposed to be an outfit post. Confession time, I am all about anything that is in this three colours: blue, grey and green. This outfit specifically consist of these colours. As if any of you love clothes or fashion in general, you would have been dreaming of an outfit that you would like to wear and just feel good in it or is it just me? Especially with my favourite colour in it. I personally like to have a rough idea of what I'm going to be wearing and I can get very excited about it.

This ribbed green sweater is clearly my favourite and isn't the colour just amazing? I am not sure if it really a sweater, but, it's pretty thick to call it a shirt. As the weather here in Malaysia is crazy hot, it's absurd to be wearing a sweater but, it's fine.

The grey pants and grey socks, you know I love it. I think you cannot go wrong with too much grey. The dark-blue converse which I have been eyeing for awhile and finally got them(thanks mak a.k.a my mum). This outfit roughly is smart-looking outfit with the grey and the blue.
I feel good in this outfit as I'm really into looking good in my favourite colours. What are your favourite colours or even colour? Do you have any outfit you've been dreaming about? Let me know in the comment!
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Shawl- *random store
Sweater- ti;zed
Pants- Applemint
Socks- Topshop
Shoes- Converse

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