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This should be posted on 9 April which mean yesterday but I have something going on or basically I don't have any idea for new blogpost as I'm currently in the exam mode. I have been wanting to do a proper outfit post, but it's hard to get people to take photo of me. In the meantime, you all will be served with the photos of the pieces from the outfit. By the way, I will be wearing this outfit on my last exam which I'm excited about.

My favourite jeans and just look how blue it is. I pair it with the belt as the jeans a little loose on me and I do not want to be adjusting them for 24/7, let's be honest. The t-shirt is in dark-blue color which by the way has ribbed material (which you can barely see). I have been eyeing one from H&M, but this is way more affordable.

The shawl is an old one. I wear it pretty often now. Firstly because it is very lightweight so its nice to be wearing with the current weather here in Malaysia. It is scorching hot. 
Secondly because look at how beautiful it is. I just think you can just pair it with just a plain outfit and it will look like you have done some effort into the outfit ,but clearly you are not. 

I just realised I don't have the photo of the shoes. I will be wearing my leopard flats.
These photos were taken using my phone. To 
be honest, I'm surprised with how it turns out. Such a good quality. It looks something that have taken with a proper camera. 

Jeans- ti:zed
T-shirt- ti:zed
Belt- Brands Outlet
Shawl- *Online 

A x

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