Down To Memory Lane

What an exciting night or (you know 1:52 in the morning) to read some of my old blog posts. I miss 2014 and just how time flies now we are already in 2016. I have to say I missed the old time; going to school, how my old routines were. I was at home all the time, now I am in different states which I cannot be bothered to know how many miles it is from home. Sometimes I am just astonished how I manage to be far away from home for a long time and far away from my family.  Now I realised why I cry so much the day when I leave home for university.

Back to what I said earlier, I forgot some of the story that I shared, I cannot believe how some of the things ended up like. It always make me smile to go through some of them. I remember how hard it was that time and I would have to say I learned a lot. I honestly say that I am bit dubious and find that my old blog posts are pretty funny, but now, its basically a memory that I actually cherished the most. I feel glad that I decided to save and share how my days were back then and it might not be as exciting to most people, but, it's exciting to me. How suprising it is to see how different my life is compared to the years before. I would say I am happy with what is happening to my life right now; new friends, new surroundings and new experience that has to come. Change for the good. A past is definitely a lesson that I always look up to for a better life. I know this is going to sound cliché, but who is you going to learn your mistakes from if not yourself.

Do you guys remember what had happened to you for the last two years or even five years? Do you feel weird  thinking about it? Let me know and maybe share a snippet how your life was back then.
A x

Look what I've posted two years in a row with the same date! (Sorry for my grammar)

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