When In College

I thought that I share something that is related to my life currently. Its the thing that I learn in college. How the college life really is since I have been in college for almost a year now.

1. Breakfast is everything.
Always make sure you have food to eat for breakfast. I am always ready for breakfast. I feel happy when I have breakfast. As soon as I wake up, I always feel very hungry. Even there's one piece of bread left, I am happy as I have got something to fill my tummy with. I hate feeling hungry as it will lead me to eating more than what I supposed to. Especially feeling hungry in the morning, I just can't deal with that kind of situation. You have to go to class and feeling hungry and that will lead you to not be able to focus in class. Basically, I will not feel good if I don't take my breakfast. Besides, breakfast is very important for your health in general.

2. Always have time for yourself.
You know when you got back from class and feeling tired, you just want to relax and do your thing. I always watch my favourite movie and tv shows, especially the funny ones. To make it complete, I always make some coffee or tea to make me really enjoying the moment to the fullest. It's always the best.

3. Don't always lay in you bed.
I very much preventing myself from lying on the bed, unless if I don't feel good or when I am just completely shattered. I will find myself procrastinating even more when I'm on the bed. I will just sit at the table. That way, I can actually think of something that I have to do and do it right away.

That's all at the moment. I feel like sharing my thoughts on some of these things, and who knows some of you out there have been go through the same thing. Share your thoughts in the comment section!
A x

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