My Style Evolution

  Hello there. Hope you all doing well. I want to talk you through how my style has change slightly since last year. As to what I'm aware with my style is that I like to keep my outfit looking simple and just nice. As I went through some of my old photos I'm not the stylish looking girl. I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl and for scarf I always opted for square-scarf just leave it hanging down and tie it at the end. I obviously opted for something that is comfortable and easy to wear. Who doesn't want to be that easy to put an outfit? Now I've realized to do a bit of effort to look a bit nicer and go for something that is just as comfortable and make me look presentable. Don't worry I am still a t-shirt kind of girl at heart. I realized that all my clothes are pretty baggy. I like  and want it to be loose, but I realized they are more to baggy rather than loose. Sometimes baggy clothes look fine, sometimes it will make you look like a potato. Currently, I opted for something a bit fitted, not like bodycon or anything. The one that just sit on my figure nicely.
  Basically, I don't like to follow some sort of trend. It actually depends on how the trend is, but for some reason I don't like to wear something that is similar to what most people wear, I like to wear as to what my style is. I would say that I am a bit picky in buying clothes or scarves. I will make sure that it will suit me and fit me real nice and will last a long time too. I always believe that quality is over quantity. I will also find shirt or t-shirt that is in a long sleeves. I pretty much avoid quarter-length sleeves now. In my opinion, I feel like long sleeves shirt or t-shirt look even better when you are a scarf wearer(the one that covers you hair). I know everyone has their own preferences, but it just my opinion.
  As to what my previous style is that I like to wear square scarves, but now I prefer shawl. I like the one that no need to iron. I forgot how much I hate and avoid wearing shawl because I find it hard to style them. Now since I have several  ways to style them and it turn out to be alright, I always go for them.
   These are my style evolution. Not that I don't like my old style, I still love them. I feel like upgrade it a bit won't hurt. Some of these are basically just my opinions. The most important thing is don't compare what you are wearing to people's. Just wear what ever you like and rock them. If you all have a thought on something or want to share yours, leave them in the comment section. I will see you all soon!

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