A Little Haul ft. My Favourite Colour

Hello people! Finally I get to write something that is fashion or style related. I find it's hard to do them as it requires a lot of effort. Its a little haul. The stuff I bought are theme of my favourite colour; grey, blue and green. I kind of plan to buy them based on my favourite colour. I am pretty happy with what I got. The first thing is this stripe cardigan. It's navy-blue with grey and white stripes. It goes just above my knee, I thought it was perfect as it covers my back. They have a few selection of colours, I saw a plain navy-blue one and then I saw this. Glaringly, I chose this one as I think it looks a bit more stylish than the plain one. The material is super soft. Its from Cotton On and I get them with an affordable price as well. 

The next and last thing is this square scarf from Aidijuma. It is in this mossy green colour. I love it and I remember that I want this same colour in a shawl, I didn't get it. This might not  be everyone's favourite, but it's totally mine.

That's all my haul. It's definitely small. I find this kind of blogpost is interesting(at least for me). Happy with what I've got. Let me know if you all enjoy with this type of blogpost. See you all soon. 
A x

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