Life Update: December 2015

I haven't post anything on the blog at the moment. Currently I'm in college busy with stuff and I promise will do something exciting in the future. The first two weeks always the busiest. I have to catch up with everything. My daily ritual completely changed. I've got quizzes, homeworks and classes, obviously they are my priorities at the moment, but I miss blogging. I will try though at some point. Two weeks untill I get to go home, I miss being at home. How I miss the people and always looking forward to go home. Feeling grateful eventhough it's quite tough living here. I have to be frugal or else my money swiftly gone. I realised I ate a lot and haven't done any exercises, but, I did try to eat healthy as I possibly could. Trying to be more alert and work methodically. Always enjoy a bit of leisure time, you've got nothing to lose. I also had a hard time going to sleep, its weird. Sleep deprivation is killing me. To-do list is a life-saver. I think that's all for now. Will talk to you all later.

Viem from my room.

Mesmerized by this.

A x

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