2015 is coming to an end, I surmised that I will share what I have learned throughout the year. It has been going up and down and you just have to go through it. What a crazy ride I have to say. Nevertheless, it was fun.

1. Do what is the most important first.
2. If you do something, do it good.
3. There's thing should not be told.
4. Having a me time is always nice.
5. When you don't feel like doing something that day, do it!
6. Try to make the best out of everything.
7. Quality > Quantity.
8. Your happiness is everything.
9. Sometimes sacrifice is fun.
10. Be different.
11. When you feel like laughing, just laugh.
12. Always dream big.
13. Worry less.
14. Your mindset is everything, take a good care of it.
15. Wear things that you like and be confident with it.

Let me know what you've learned throughout the year. Thank you for those who stop by my blog, if you read it or just wander around nevertheless it mean the world to me. Promise more big and exciting things will come in the future. Bye 2015, Hello 2016!

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