Something You Might Like #2

Not so much for this week. Hope you guys like it nevertheless.

1. 24 hours in New Orleans/ Japan/ Istanbul by Jacksgap.

These three videos are amazing. They are fun to watch. Basically, Jacksgap crew I supposed, is travelling around a particular country in 24 hours, which sound insane but, the output is hands down the best. How they are able to do such incredible short film. You get to see the culture and trademark of the country briefly in a video.

2. The Only 5 Butt Exercises You Need To Do by Popsugar.

I've did this set of exercises a few times now and I feel the difference with my body namely, the lower part of my body. A bit toned up I would say. Side note, I also did add other exercises, not mainly this set of exercises to see the result. Stretch up after is highly recommend.

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See you all soon.
A x

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