Something You Might Like #1

This is just a series that I share things that I like and enjoy and I thought that any of you will like it too.

1. Alexa Chung's Full Vogue Series.

I really like this series, it's brilliant, with Alexa Chung in it? Make it more enjoyable to watch. She is so funny and friendly. I have watched this video like many times. I do recommend it to anybody who's into fashion or you know, some people who are in need of some inspiration basically. They also have the separate one, you can find it on Youtube.

2. So Should Social Media Be More Real?

It's an article that I have read from Zoe London's blog. It does clarify everything about how social media can be fake and just not being real nowadays. What caught me though is the last part that begin with You are worth more than the number of likes attached to your face. That is a good one, I love that phrase. Definitely give it a read. If you want to read more, click here.

3. Grease(1978).

I like this movie. Danny Zuko (John Travolta) and Sandra Dee(Olivia Newtown-John) are lovebirds that have met during the summer that time, What they don't realize they are in the same school? Sandra Dee is from Australia and she just moved to America. I didn't want to be a spoiler alert, you have to watch it yourself. I also discover that the song You're The One That I Want is actually from that movie. What a bummer! Obviously I was happy to know the original song and where the song came from.

Let me know what you thought. See you all soon!

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