How My Blog Begins

     It first started at the end of 2013, where I feel like having a blog is somehow fun. It might be benign, but a risky one. Then I used the blog that I already have and used before.I started to use it back, which It was *checks published post. It was on 29th of September 2013 with a blogpost called Long Time No See. It was very short one though.
      Later that year, I did plan that I am going to post everyday, which mean throughout 2014. Talking about my everyday life and how its going and all that malarkey. It is a good one though and I don't think that I am be able to post every single day, it is a bit hard though to catch up with this sort of thing, but, it was fun nevertheless. If any of you read throughout last year's blogpost then you will notice overused words including tired, exhausted, demolished, workout and that is the least that I can remeber. Then, at the end of last year, 2014, I decided to do this series called What I Learn  also known as WIL. I did it for the whole month of December and it was alright.
      In 2015, I try to post as much as I could, but, it's hard since I am entering school(university) now. A lot of things need to be done and think about. Obviously, my studies is my number one priority now, but, I really want to be able to blog at some point. Now I have learn bit by bit about blogging and how it works in general. Sorry for my blog's appearance before. It was godforsaken, it still in a process of improving. I am still trying to change here and there and the amenities for all of you. I also hoping for a better blog post in the future and learn something along the way. Hope you guys enjoy reading it!
A x

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