Consuming Less Sugar For A Week

I am going to try consume less sugar in my food and drink for a week(or you know, forever). Sugar is an important part of a diet, as you know it provides energy for the body, but that did not mean to take it excessively. Obviously try  not to cut it completely, but take it less than I usually do. I have to say its not so benign thing to do, but hard for me or even everybody. Eventhough, this is going to be a hard one, but I want to do it anyway. I want to see the difference in me; my skin, my body and general makeup of my body. I must say that I am just tired of looking at my face with the pimples and blemishes, it has been ages since I got a clear skin. I think it does help with your body as well. Especially when you try to lose weight.

My skin
Talking about skin, I  feel like there's no pimples growing on my face everyday. Even there's pimples, its not like the humongous one, just the small ones, I also feel like my skin looking a bit better, I am not so sure if it does help with my blemishes, I am not positive. I have a feeling it does something to my skin, you know in a good way.

My body
Since I am trying to tone my body up a bit, I feel like with consuming less sugar does help on that. I cannot say much about this because it just have been a week, not much of a difference.

This week is quite hard to cut my sugar intake than usual. I drink tea and coffee, I did use half of the amount of sugar than before. I think I am fine with that, with tea is a bit hard, but I can go with it now. When I feel like I put too much sugar in, I will add plain water to reduce the sweetness. I still have KitKat in the fridge and I keep it far away, so that I don't get to eat it until the weekend. It is very very tempting. I also cheated one time, I had one piece of KitKat, just one. Definitely give it a try. Sometimes I wonder why we can't be consistence with thing that's good for us and assume that as a burden. I hope it helps you in some way and will talk to you all soon. Share If any of you have done it before.

*Some facts either from what I've read from other sources or what I've experienced before.

A x

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