A Day Without Social Networks

I say without social networks, but, really just Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I have logged out of them all. Why is just that? It's because I think they are a bit too overwhelming. So, I did give exceptions for Youtube, Bloglovin' and Tumblr. Seems fair, yeah.
Why I want to do this?
It's mainly because I have this overwhelmed feeling over the past couple of days which just bring me to this grumpy mood. I just hate that feeling and my hormone is not stable that I am not in the mood to even look at my phone.
How it feels like without them?
It feels very empty, empty in a good way. That some part just gone missing. It feels  good at least I get to do something better than scrolling through the not so interesting feed. I also feel that I don't have that much work to do. It's like a burden somehow. I accidentally did click on my Twitter and Instagram a few times but, I have logged out earlier.
I also feel like to update something then I realised where should I update? I cannot open any of them. Then it just there hanging around. I realised that I don't  really spend that too much time look at my phone because I don't have anything to check on. Apparently, I always check on my Instagram and Twitter. I would recommend to everyone to do this once at least, so that you know how it feels without them. It does feel good.
Bye. Talk to you all soon.

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