What I am up To #1

1. Reading.
I have been reading this book called Grass Memorial by Sarah Harrison. I started to read this book last week and hoping to finish it by this semester break.
I have this thing where I saved some article that I am going to read later, but, I keep saving without reading them. Now, I just read them which is a good thing.

2. Watching.
I have this thing where I plan on to finish watch all the vlogs that I dont get to watch before. That way I will feel very satisfied, but, there is a lot and I don't think I will manage to watch them all.I also try to watch all the movies and tv shows, its hard to catch up. Tv shows I am currently watch is How I Met Your Mother and Friends. I also watch this new tv shows, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It sounds fun and so I give it a go.

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