My Makeup Routine

It has been awhile since I write a blog post like this. I have been busy with university work and stuff. Haven't had much time. This is what I put on my face if I want to look alive, because I am just wan looking.

First thing first I put moisturizer on. I  never skip this because I just hate how my skin feeling dry. I am using Simple Kind to Skin Light Moisturizer. I just take a squeeze of that and apply that onto my skin.I think it is a good moisturizer and it works just fine.

Next, I put my powder on and I am using the Silky Girl Pure Smooth Pressed Powder with SPF 20. This stuff is amazing. It just gives a flawless looking skin and with the price I think it is the best.

My eyebrows I am using the Eyebrow pencil by Eliptical Core. I just draw them very roughly and lightly and I am good to go.

Mascara. This step is based on my mood for the day. Sometimes I use them, sometimes not. I just apply couple coats of that.

The last step is lip product, this is also depends on the mood. When I am feeling a bit fancy, I would use the Essence Longlasting Lipliner in the colour 05 Lovely Frappucino or when I am a bit lazy I would just use my Born Lippy from the Bodyshop.

That is it. It's very simple and quick. Leave me some suggestions on what to do next. Bye all!

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