What It Feels Like Being Alone For Me

It has been ages since I am on my own. I love being alone. I just miss it so bad. Being on my own and doing my thing. Not caring about people and I know it sounds rather selfish. I can just feels so energetic when I am alone, I just don't know. Its pretty weird. I feel like I will do more things than I am with people around. I just need that me time once in awhile, that is what introvert need sometimes. I would say I prefer doing my work alone. It is more calming. It's not that I don't like being around with other people. There are always distractions going on. Sometimes I can get uncomfortable with people, that is why I have tried to avoid people. People may think I am weird and not amiable. Yes I have to admit I am not the most amiable person you will ever met, that is just me.

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