What's In My Bag 2015

Hi. I thought I do What Is In My Bag because I have never done this before, so yeah.
Also I am showing you in a gif form, I want to do something a bit different. Sorry if it makes you dizzy.

The first thing is a book or magazine, I am not so sure. It's in there if there's any long ride, incase if I'm bored. Most of time, I just don't read it really.

My favourite lipbalm. It's always in my bag, even if I switch to another bag. It is my favourite and I need it almost everytime. Born Lippy by The Bodyshop.

Yes headphone, I need. I always have THREE in my bag.That is kind of absurd, like seriously why you need three for your bag?

My favourite pair of sunglasses. I put them in the case, so that I don't break them.
Love it.  Sunglasses H&M

An eyeliner pencil, incase for touch up. Eyeliner Daiso.

Also for touch up, lipstick from The Collection.

 Cord for the Powerbank. Boring things.

What is Powerbank without the cord, it just basically a hefty-shmuck thing.

 Rubbish and receipts. In fact, I am a receipt keeper (if that makes sense).

My pouch. Lame, I don't use purse at the moment and the keys attached to it. 

That it is really. Sorry if these makes you dizzy, just wanted to try something different. Let me know if you like it.

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