A Week In My Life

15th June 2015

I have just finished writing a blogpost and now I try to do load of things that need to be done. I have done most of my packing and I try to pack light as possible as I could. Bring lots of stuff is quite a  task and I feel like I spoilt myself if I bring spare things. I am pretty nervous for tomorrow because I am going to a place that is far from home. I think most are my stuff are now ready. Just some stuff left.

16th June 2015

I just feel so sleepy this morning. I just sat on my bed like 30 minutes staring and thinking about nothing. Then reluctantly I start to get ready. I cry a lot on the way there. The room is nice. The bathroom is scary and odious. All my things mostly set now (kind of). It feels weird when you just by yourself,  I mean without family because I have never experience things like this before. I feel nervous about tomorrow's class though. Wish me luck.

17th June 2015

I woke up pretty early today it's like 5:40 a.m in the morning. Then something bad happen, my gum just get swollen. I am just so pissed plus the nervousness of the first day. It's killing me. The place that I need to be is quite distant. I feel like the day is torturing me. The good thing is that I'm going home.

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