1. This fringe bag is the most affordable fringe bag I have ever found. I need it. H&M

2. Another bag. It is a bagpack. I have been looking for a bagpack that is not too structured or else it will look like a school bag. I want something that kind of loose (if that makes sense). Something that is not too big and not too small. Glaringly, the ideal one is pretty pricey. Psychedelicstore

3. Isn't the blouse look sick ? I know it is.  I saw this picture of Margaret Zhang, a fashion blogger. In that picture she was wearing a blouse like this that has a trumpet sleeves and it is in a grey colour. It looked amazing on her.From that moment I have a soft spot for the blouse with the trumpet sleeves. This one looks slightly cropped. I don't know about that. Psychedelicstore

4. I have seen this shoes in every blogs. They are everywhere. They are also expensive. I found it online that is affordable and it is a knock off one. I NEED TO GET MY HANDS ON THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. ADIDAS


  1. interesting list of goodies