What you can do on your birthday.

I turn 18 today (Yeayy). Since today is my birthday,  I feel like writing something special or even ideas that you can do on your birthday.

1. Wake up early in the morning.

I mean like seriously? Waking up early? Yes. I feel like when you wake up early in the morning you will feel more happier and energetic I would say. You also can do what you have planned for your birthday.

2. Do some workout.

I think the first two ideas is not so ideal for a professional procrastinator like I am. I did it anyway because I want to sweat out and it feels good. It also makes you happy throughout the day.

3. Have a good breakfast.

This is crucial. You need this. Glaringly,  breakfast is important even everyday. So why not have a good breakfast on your birthday right ? I planned on doing pancakes, but, oh well.

4. Do what you enjoy.

It is your day. Do whatever you want. Play video games, binge-watch of your favourite tv show or even anything. The most important thing is that you enjoy.

5. Give something for yourself.

I know this sounds like a loner, but, what is the best thing you can do for yourself right? It's better than nothing.

6. Enjoy your birthday.

Last but not least, enjoy your day and make the best out of it. I think I really enjoying mine.

I just cannot believe I am 18 now. I become an adult now. So blessed. Thank you for all the wishes from everyone. Bye !

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