1.Do you ever wish you are in the past ? Like in the 60s or even the 90s. I wish that I was in the 90s. I am a 90s kid. Blatantly,  I was in the 90s,but, I was little that time and could not wholly feel the spirit,  shall we say. I think there is load more amazing things back in the 90s. I am not sure why. I would say that I kind of happy to be a 90s kid, late 90s to be exact. 

2. I did find this one pair of shoes that inspired by the 90s (again). I just love it! It's just so simple and black. It's very classy. It's basically like slippers with one big strap( the one that covers the middle of your foot). But, I didn't get that one, I get a different pair. I really want it! It also reminded me of SATC!

3. It's good to be catch up with my soul mate. FLAT WHITE! YES!


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