As I woke up today, I remember that I haven't do my February favourites. totally forgot about it. This is going to be a short and simple one I think. Just because I have been doing the same thing as previous month .

1. I am just going to mention this tv shows in a short form ( don't ask why). My favourite tv show this month will be THE SATC. I kind of enjoying it this month. The other one is Grey Anatomy. I just like the surrounding of the hospital and all the cast has their own problems.
2. I have been enjoying bloglovin' . I randomly click the top blogs and I found a bunch of awesome blogs. The nicely edited photos. There is blog share ideas, tips and a loads of goodness. Currently,  I have been enjoying food blogs because I feel hungry all the time.
3. Coffee. I drink coffee like literally everyday. I love coffee okay .
That is all . Bye. Expect a new post on Tuesday !

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