3RD MARCH 2015

Today is the day. The big day. The SPM results is going to be revealed. This morning,  I was scared. Like really scared and I almost cry like many times, but, I managed not to cry. As I reached school,  I go to the hall. Obviously while waiting for the results to be announced I feel so nervous that I  sweat a lot and it feels like taking a bath. I make a promise to myself that I am not going to cry this time. I broke the promise, I cry. The result is okay. I feel a little frustrated because I didn't get an A for my favourite subject (u know). Nonetheless,  Alhamdulillah for the result. I keep saying goodluck and everything is going to be okay to people, actually I need to say that to myself. I feel like the result is very unexpected and confusing. I didn't expect this and that for my result. I don't know what is going on. There are subjects that I am happy about and there are subjects that I am not happy about. Oh well, things happened. Thanks to my parents for all your support. Thanks to all my teachers that have been teaching me and bear with my laziness. You all have done very well for this and I cannot thank you all enough. Thank you for keep pushing me until the end. Also, thanks to all my friends that also been helping me. I feel so so so relief now. I don't have to think about the result anymore. Yeayyy free.

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