Weirdly I found quite a few songs that I have been enjoying. I will start with these 2 songs that I found from this old movie called Camp. When I watched the movie is just  nostalgic. It brings back all the old memories. How Shall I see you from the tears by The Company . When I heard this song, I knew that I am going to like it.It might not be everyone cup of tea. 

The next song is from the same movie it is called the Century Planet by The Company as well. For some reason when I listen to this song I feel sad. I don't know why. 

This next song is from the Fashion Bloggers. It is called Money On You by Ivy Fox. First time I heard it, I am not that really into it. Then, I listen to it once again on You Tube and I really enjoying it. It's very catchy . Loving it.

The last song is Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. I feel like I kind of late on this song. I heard this song from HannahMaggs' video, but the one in Hannah's vlog is a cover from Lilly Ahlberg. When I heard it,  I was like that was amazing. I go to the Lilly Ahlberg's cover of this song and listen to it again. Then, I go to the original one and yeah I love it. I feel like its a little bit different from other song. 

That's it. All these songs are on repeat. 

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