Long time no see. I am going to talk about my fitness update. As this is one of my goals for 2015. I'm doing this obviously I want to have that dream body, but, also to keep my body healthier( that sounds cheesy). I have been doing some workouts for the last 3 weeks and to be exact *counts how many days*, its 20 days now. Through all these days now I have realised that I have done a lot of mistakes before, like how some workouts do not work for me, how I do the workout and all that mishmash. I remembered that I always do the 5 minute workouts and I was like "why there is no change in any of my body parts ? Why I don't feel any changes ?" Foolishly I thought it is going to work, but obviously its not. I have read this source that says, for the first 15 minute helps to get rid of the toxic and 30 minute and above help to burn all the fat. Eating wise. Eventhough you do your workout for 30 minute, but, at the same time you are not looking after  your eating habit,  its nothing,  at least for me. The first 2 weeks I have noticed no difference with my weight at all. NO WEIGHT LOSS ! Can you believe that ? Then I feel like I am giving up. But no. I am going to continue doing it untill I get what I want. I have come to a solution and I don't know if this is a good thing, but, to prevent myself from eating more I drink lots of water. Such as plain water, tea and coffee. Drinking does fill me up.I also have been eating less these couple days. Actually, this is my second day. Can I just tell you how hard it is to control your eating habit. I do really force myself. I have noticed a slight changes on me. It's okay than nothing right ? If you feel very very lazy to do any exercises,  let me tell you that you will feel so so good after you have done your workout . At least for me, I feel that satisfaction if I sweat out and see how much did I sweat. It sounds weird, but, yeah that's just me. Anyway see you soon.

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