It's almost the end of the month and obviously its time for a monthly favourites. There is like 36 days left for SPM result to come out. It scares the hell out of me. My heart was pounding so hard whenever I think about it. It's like when I bumped into my crush, well no . Actually more than that. I am currently enjoy to be a little active at the moment. By active I mean do some workouts.Refer to the previous post, I did share my fitness update. You can read if you want to. It does take a lot of hardwork. You will always feel good when you sweat out. Try if you don't believe me. *grin*. The next thing will be songs. There are two songs. First one is No Place I'd Rather Be by Clean  Bandit. I love love it. It does help me by bringing out the happy mood. I know that sounds weird, but it really is.The other one is You're The Inspiration by Chicago, listened from the radio many times. Try to find the song on YouTube, but, could not find it. I thought the singer was Phil Collins, but, its actually Chicago. * hits myself on the forehead *
The last one is a movie. It's What If. I probably watch it like 4.5 times because Daniel Radcliffe was in it. Yes, there were time that I did not manage to watch till the end. Accuracy is important okay. Overall, the movie was awesome.I believe that is it. See you in February I guess. Bye xx

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