Two days ago my friends and I wnet to the EDU FAIR that was held in KLCC. We went there on the second day which is on the 18th of January. We went there by train. It was quite a fun experience because I think the last time I ride a train when I was little. Actually,  there was not a lot of people,  I thought its going to be so crowded, but it's not. We went to seven universities' kiosk thing. Ask them about the scholarship and things. They also give a brief about course that we interested in. They also give us brochures and bags. A lot of forms need to be filled. I feel like its helping me a little bit. Nevertheless,  I am unsure what I want to pursue in the future. Then, we went to eat and pray. Watch a movie, it is called Rewrite. Then, in the train back home it was very crowded and we didn't get to sit. I feel anxious and very terrified that I will fall because I don't hold the holder thing. I also feel that I am going to break the holder. Lol. I have to stop all these negative thinking. That's it. See you all soon.

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