Hello there ! Now let's start with WIL 6. I have been reading this book that my friend gave me the other day. It's basically consists a lot of awesome people talk about what they would tell to their Sixteen-year-old self. This one thing that tend to attract me is to  listen more and talk less.Mostly, from what I read they said the same thing. I have been thinking about it. As a lot of my friends know that I am pretty garrulous. I really am. I think listening is better than talking. I feel like talking is kind of risky. Since you will accidentally say something that you shouldn't and you might cross the line and yes talking can reveal the truth, confess something and all that omnium-gatherum. Listening is basically you just listen to what people will say. That is not that risky, I feel. I would prefer listen rather than talk now. How do you think it should be? Which one do you prefer talk or listen ? Comment below. See you all tomorrow .

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