Procrastinate is when a work that you need to do but,you decide to do it later instead. As long as I know myself very well, I am an expert procrastinator. On my first WIL ,I say that I am not an expert at anything,  maybe I wrong. I know its a bad habit. Eventhough I feel a little disappointed with it during my SPM, but I still do it right now. I feel like its a part of me .If any of you have been with me from the beginning, you guys will know that my life is pretty mess up. Like I haven't do this, I haven't do that and blah blah blah. Eventhough I am an expert procrastinator,  but when I received my exams' mark I always feel like I should stop procrastinating . As usual,after a few days I start to procrastinating again. I did not really keen on having such a methodical life. I feel like nahh. I will not be following that schedule. Eventhough I haven't even start doing something.Can I honestly say I am the most undisciplined person you could have ever met. You know what, aberration should have happened ! I have to say that it is hard to not be a procrastinator , but I will try to do things as soon as possible. Who doesn't want to have a peaceful life ? That's it and are you a procrastinator too ?

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