Read. Let's talk about read. People always say that reading is important. It really is. At first, I don't really believe and agree about it . Now I feel like reading does help me not just with my studies, but everything. I don't know but, do I have to be proud that I have finished 2 books and 2 sample book ( 250-ish pages)? Since I am not a bookworm,I want to become one. Whenever you have time, try to read something even a blog, book, magazine or whatever. Even reading for a short time I think its worth it. As you know, I take Biology as one of the subjects for the exam. Biology is the subject that you need to read and understand(those who take Biology you would know this). I remembered I read my Biology book when I have a free time. When the exam is nearer , be real you don't have time to read every single chapter. I am lucky enough what I read before, came out in the exam. Its just my luck. Lesson learnt.So when you have a free time, read. It takes time for you to see the changes and products from what you are reading, but its worth it.Who is going to Big Bad Wolf? You're lucky! I don't think I get to go this year. I need more books to last me for awhile. I looked up online  and all the books on sale look good. Ahhhhh.Very frustrating!  Anyway see ya tomorrow. 

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