WIL 16

We are going to talk about working out. I honestly very lazy to do a workout every single day, but, sometimes I do. One of the reason why I am working out is of course I want to achive that dream body. Being healthy is the second one. I believe when you do a 30 minute workout or longer you can actually cut all the fats in your body. After all the workout , my body start to get painful. When I feel the laziest lazy (is that even a word?), I will do like dances because I feel like it is a bit light that actual workout. You can look up online on all the dances. When I feel a little bit energetic, which is happened sometimes, I will do the actual workout like burpees, lunges and all that kind of stuff. The workout that I always do is from  The Nike Training apps. It has varies of selections and  the duration of the workout. I once tried the 45 minute and it kills. You will always feel good after the workout.

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