WIL 14

This might be interesting, might be not. Its about love kind of relationship.  Not love, I mean like having a crush on someone or having a boyfriend. I started to have this kind of feeling since I was 10, when my guy friend pretending that he likes me, but he actually don't.Can I just say I have *counting how many crush do I have this year* 11. 11?!! Not all the people I know, know who are the 11 people is . Yes its a lot. I need to say that I hate when someone likes texting every single day. Is it really that indispensable? I feel like it distracts me from doing something because have to wait for them to reply. Is it really necessary for them to know literally what I am doing and tell me how I do things? I feel like its really make me feel very exparated amd uncomfortable. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I am still single. This year I bravely try to get back with this person and shockingly found my old crush.* They are different person. I  don't know why its happened in the same year.  I sometimes surmised that why do I have feelings for them. Why I feel very frustrated when they ignored me .Maybe I don't thing much and deeply enough that time and just be blinded by so-called love . I feel like there is a reason why the relationships didn't work in the first place. Now, I know. I always say this that I haven't seen and know my future husband by now. I don't want to really believe into this so much, but I hope so. So, it will be a nice surprise.

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