WIL 13

We are going to talk about skin today. I think my skin is an oily combination type of skin.My skin is very sensitive. I have to really take care of it. Oily parts include T-zone, cupids bow, temple,forehead and chin. Yes most of my face is pretty oily. I know lots of people been using the bloating paper and I am not really keen with it. I remembered that my Science teacher said that the oils from your face bring benefits too. It keeps your skin from  being ageing faster. The bad is blackhead and whitehead . Who doesn't know pimples, everyone's number one enemy. I also hate scarring. It takes ages to fade away. I also used  this cleanser and it leaves my face with pimples on both sides of my face. It has been there for five months now. Five ! Reminder: NEVER EVER BUY ANY TYPE OF HEALTH AND SKIN PRODUCTS THAT ARE ON SALE!  Moving on to dry skin . I feel like when I drink sufficient amount of water , my skin will feel so soft . When I don't my skin feels dry namely the nose part.
I also don't use a bunch of product on my skin. In fact, I just use a cleanser to wash my face. Just that, I know crazy ! Actually I used some other product , but as I say before my skin is too sensitive it will breakout like crazy. So , I stop. My skin is also pretty fair that is why a lot of people say that I look very wan and sick, but I don't.

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