December's ideas / WIL 1

I surmised on doing a little bit different type of posts throughout the month of December. It is what I have learn from this year. I am going to call this series WIL. WIL stands for what I learn. I am going to start with the blog posting. I decided on to start a blog because I like to read people's blog and I want to have one. I also want to add something fun to my boring life. Last year I decided on blogging everyday, but, it is hard to keep on track. Sometimes I forgot to post or busy. I also feel like there is day would not be a great day to post something or I don't have any idea to post about. I don't think posting about my routine every single day would not be  interesting. Be real. I just wanted to refresh the important and memorable thing happened in my life. Incase if I want to reread everything. The monthly favourites I did not get that much to talk about just because I am a boring person. Sometimes I post it a little late. My grammar is also not so good. Sorry not sorry. I am learning, so. I feel like sometime *cough everytime my posts is pretty boring because there is no photos or anything interesting and its just basically wordy sentences with bunch of grammar mistakes. As I say before, I am not the most interesting person. I also don't think my posts be any helpful to any of you who read my blog. I am not even a maven of some particular thing. I try to. *I am writing this post whilst watching some 80's shows because I am that cool*. I feel like I need to post something because this year is an important year for me because I am sitting for an exam that will bring and show me to my future. That is the the main reason. I think that's it , if any of you have any question or whatever leave in the comment section below. See ya tomorrow!

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