Yeayy. I am going to class farewell because its the last time we might see each other. Wakeup a little bit early today because its going to start at 9 a.m. Yes we arrived so early that all the stores in there haven't even open yet. Then, after wander around of couple times ,eventually we find our friends. I need to buy gloves, because I don't bring one or because I don't have one. Then we have to get our rollerskate (is that what its called ?). I am pretty nervous about this because my teacher said that if you have an extraordinary size feet will have to pay extra RM 5.  Just because I have finished the money for the gloves. Luckily,  I don't have to yeayy. Obviously size 40. Then we eat . Surfeit of food. After that, the present is given to all the names that is being called and the fun part is the receiver have to guess the giver and yes I got it right. I got a book and I am a happy girl. It is from BBW. How can I not be more happier. Received our class' shirt and some candy. Then, prepared for the ice skating.  The rollerskate ( I think) is actually pretty heavy. Can I just say the surface of the ice skating is very slippery.  When I set my feet on it I was like how can I be able to even stand. Guess what I didn't fall. I almost fall twice. I feel like I still can be able to skate a little because when I was little my mum forced me  and my sister rollerskating
and actually its not that hard. I miss it and want to start rollerskating again. I also successfully finished one round of the skating rink and mostly holding the glass shield thing or else. I am enjoying that. I also sweating like I just finished jogging. Lol. My legs is cramped and  painful from the ice skating. Then we had photo taking session, eating cupcake and have some coffee( not really its  actually Nescafe ). One of the best day. I am gonna miss all of my friends and teacher. Then we are off. We wander around a little bit more.I am home at 3:30 in the evening because there is lots of car stuck in  traffic.
That is me trying to skate.
Me again.

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