A little bit late for this,but, oh well. I got very excited when I got to go to the BBW. When there is a picture or information from the BBW I just get so overwhelmed . I didn't get that many books and I hope that these books can last me for a year.  I obviously don't have that much time to read the synopsis at the back. I basically just grab the book that interest me. Mostly, the book that I got is because of the cover or because of some phrases that caught me. I will arrange the book according from the first book I put into my basket until the last one.
1. Winter of The World by Ken Follett. This is the first book that I put into my basket because I am in    love with the cover and this phrase caught me it is War made them fighters. Love made them                heroes. 

2. The next book is called The Grass Memorial by Sarah Harrison. This is not just a phrase, but a paragraph. It says Stella, Spencer, Harry -each marches to the tune of a different drum. Their stories are separated by many miles and generations, but profoundly connected in ways they can never fully understand. Isn't it interesting ? The cover is just pretty.

3. This book is more to a wedding-themed kind of book. I feel like why not, it looks interesting. It has some wedding truth inside that really gripped me, It is called Taking The Plunge by Stacie Lewis.
sometimes the scariest thing about getting married is your own family... 

4. First time I saw this book I was like that look like a literature book. It looks very British, if that makes any sense. I look inside and all the words are closely-packed that looks interesting. The colour of the page like yellowish kind of, you know like a typical old book. By the way, this book is called Mansfield Park by Jane Austen.

5. The Knot by Mark Watson. I got this book because I wanted a book that is a love-themed. The cover looks so fun. This time the book review really caught me. Charmingly written; witty in parts, emotional in others, with multi-dimensional characters and believable relationships by Time Out.
A beautifully observed, touching, and funny book of  considerable power by Al Kennedy.

6. Two's Company by Jill Mansell. Can I just say the cover is just so beautiful. Terrific ! Again, the book review did it again. A highly polished romantic page-turner by Daily Express.
A romp of a read....One for romantics by Company.
An exciting read about love, friendship and sweet revenge - fabulously fun by Home & Life.

7. The last book is actually a kids book. I get it anyway because the book looks very colourful and fun. It has the word french fries on it. I just can't just pass up.

That is it. I haven't read any of this book. I will mention more about all these books as soon as I have finished it. I am a happy girl.

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