MY 2015 GOALS, BYE 2014

I personally think that I have learned a lot this year. A lot. Learn from people, place,things and the list goes on. I will try to make a list of goals for 2015.  Here we go.
1. Get my dream body. (Sounds wrong but yeah)
2. Get a birthday present for myself. (4ever alone)
3. Learn French. (bonjour!)
4. Tell my crush about how I    feel.
5. Wear other type of shoes other than flats.
I just spontaneously list it. So we going to see how it goes.2014 is coming to an end and  2015 will appear soon. I could not believe its already one year of me blogging.  Hopefully,  I manage to tick off most of my goals. I have never tried this before, so,this will be exciting. I surmised on changing how my blog look soon ! Nothing much to say. Hoping Malaysia to be better. A lot of accidents happened to us this year. The airplane tragedy and the floods. I have realised everything happens for a reason. What is coming is better than what is gone. See you next year. Au revouir 2014, bonjour 2015!

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